Saturday, January 15, 2011

LoVe aLL mY FriEnDs

  • i know that everyone have their own best friends , so do i..hee..:)
from left wawa , rara and me..
this picture was took during "malam jejak gemilang"
  •  this is my friends since i was in form 4 at tenku muhammad faris petra science secondary school , kiteorg satu class when we are in form 4 and also form 5
  • hope that our friendship will never last forever althought now we are busy with our studying and new life..hee
  • this picture was took during karnival jomheboh..
  • kiteorg telah bekerja as a promoter untuk sangat..!!
(ahli - ahli dorm yakin) 
gambar ni ambik mase kiteorg kuar outing skali dekat giant , kulim..
  • best sgt dpt kuar outing ramai - ramai dgn member - member satu dorm yakin..hee
  • enjoy sesgt main bowling ramai - ramai and byk moment lucu mase main bowling nie..
  • hope that my friendship with them will never last walaupun kiteorg kuar matriks nanti..

(me and nana)
  • this is my best friend mase dekat kmkulim..
  • satu kelas with me,,and most important satu kepale..hehe
  • hope that our friendship will never last forever..
from left nana , lela , dilla , hani , and nina...
gambar nie ambik waktu dorang nak pegi penang
  • actually dua orang lagi xde dalam gambar nie..dayan and me.hee
  • dayan xde sebab dia yang tolong ambikkan gambar nie..
  • and me xde sebab kena pegi perjumpaan untuk isi borang biasiswa..sedih sangat sebab xdapat pegi skali..:( 
  • gambar nie ambik waktu nak hantar fika kuar dari matriks.
  • enjoy sgt mase ambik gambar ramai - ramai nie..hee

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